Monday, February 11, 2013

J&L Creations - Mardi Gras

I'm excited to swatch a new-to-me indie brand today, J&L Creations. I highly recommend checking out their Etsy store, because J&L creations also make soap and scented candles in addition to nail polish. 

Lorrie with J&L Creations was kind enough to send me three samples of their current polish line-up, and I'm showing you Mardi Gras first. 

Mardi Gras is a milky white bast with a ton of different glitters. There's hex, square, micro and bar glitters in a rainbow of colors. The mix of glitters is great - totally reminiscent of what the streets look like after a parade when they're littered with everything from beads to candy.

The polish is a bit sheer, but builds well. I used three coats for my pics, and there was barely any visible nail line. I'm sure it layers well over a white creme as well. 

Even though it looks like all the glitter sank to the bottom of my bottle, there were no issues getting any on the nail. No dabbing the brush to place glitter with this polish!

By they way, I wore Mardi Gras for four days without a top coat and didn't have any issues with chipping, peeling or tip wear whatsoever. I'm seriously impressed with it. It withstood typing, doing dishes and general wear and tear like a champ. Love it!

Here's Mardi Gras, three coats over one coat of Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat: 


  1. This looks great on your nails!


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