Thursday, September 20, 2012

Zoya - FeiFei

FeiFei is part of Zoya's fall 2012 Diva collection. It's a wonderful, amazing color. I've never seen anything like it. I find FeiFei incredibly hard to describe, so here's Zoya's:  

Zoya nail polish in FeiFei can be best described as: A medium steel blue base with heavy gold, blue and pink iridescent metallic sparkle. A truly unique sparkling iridescent blue that adds a magical look to the nails.

There's so much going on! FeiFei is stunning - and incredibly hard to take pictures of :-)

Application was a breeze - the first coat was sheer, however FeiFei builds beautifully. I used three thinnish coats for my pics, and there was no visible nail line. Even thought there's a ton of sparkle throughout, FeiFei dries smooth and glassy. 

Here's three coats of FeiFei, over a coat of Orly Bonder:


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