Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pretty & Polished - Cryptid

I'm showing off another indie polish today, Cryptid  by Pretty & Polished. Cryptid was the first indie polish I ever bought, before I even knew about the craziness surrounding some of them. 

Cryptid is a teal holographic polish made with SpectraFlair. SpectraFlair is a holographic pigment usually added to car paint, but it also adds a very nice sparkle to nail polish. I'm not quite sure how "safe" it is to use, but hey, it looks awesome!

Application is a breeze - Cryptid is opaque in two easy coats. It's a bit runny, but I've certainly used worse. It's a gorgeous, gorgeous color, especially in the sun when the full holo effect comes to life. The only issue I have with Cryptid is that it looks nothing (at least to me) like it does in the store pictures. Here's a link for reference. As you can see, Cryptid looks a lot darker in those pictures. I know that a shot like that is taken so you can see the polish in all its holographic glory, but I was a bit disappointed to receive a color so different from the picture. I also haven't been able to get the holo to come out and play the way it's supposed to, but I think a lot of the pigment in my bottle settled and I didn't shake it up enough. 

Either way, Cryptid is awesome, and here's two coats of it over a base of Seche:


  1. Sorry the amount holo was disappointing :(. It's still a gorgeous teal though!

    BTW, I'm a recent follower of yours and have tagged you for a Liebster Award :). Details are on my blog page.

    1. Thank you so much! Headed over there right now :-)