Friday, August 17, 2012

Dandy Nails - Come Out And Play

I've got another indie polish to show off! It's Dandy Nails Come out and Play, and let me tell you: You need a bottle. Come out and Play is a berry color with matte white glitter pieces. It's pretty fantastic. 

The base color is beautiful and dries semi-matte. Application was really, really hard since the bottle I have is super thick and goopy. It was pretty much a nightmare - I'm going to have to play around with some thinner before I wear it as a full mani. 

I used two coats for my pics, but should've applied another one - there's still some bald spots you can see. Application issues aside, this is probably one of my favorite indy polishes. It's just so girly and fun! I think it's the perfect year round pick-me-up polish. :-)

So here's two coats of Come out and Play, topped with Pro FX top coat to make it all shiny and purdy:


  1. Its a very pretty color bummer about the formula though! Hopefully you are able to remedy that :)

    1. I was! A couple of drops of thinner and some vigorous shaking did the trick - it's much easier to apply now :-)