Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Polish Days - Sandwich Mani

It's Sandwich Day! Sandwich Day is the second installment of Polish Days, hosted by http://www.pollypolish.com/. We had Floam Day as our inaugural "Day," and this time around our theme is sandwich manis.

What's a sandwich mani? It's basically a layering mani - you apply a coat of sheer or jelly polish, followed by a coat of glitter or flakies. Then you finish it with another coat of your first polish. The idea is to "sandwich" one polish between the other for a totally new effect. 

I have to say, I struggled a bit with the theme. 99.9% of the polishes I buy are opaque, which means they were utterly useless for this theme. When I went to buy something that would work, I couldn't find anything I liked. Finally, I spied Pure Ice Rio at WalMart and fell in love. 

Pure Ice Rio is a magenta leaning purple with blue shimmer and a slight duochrome effect. It's awesome. It's a color I'll actually wear again. 

For Sandwich Day, I layered Rio with Topshop Razzmatazz. Razzmatazz is a dense lilac and silver glitter in a lilac tinted base. It's pretty great and reminds me of some of China Glaze's Prismatic polishes with its glitters ranging from tiny to large. 

I applied two layers of Rio, a layer of Razzmatazz and another layer of Rio, all over a coat of Seche:

So that's my contribution to Sandwich Day! Don't forget to check out the other participants' links below, I'll be updating the list throughout the day. 

Sandwich Day Participants:


  1. What a sparkly combo, love it!

  2. That last pic is so sparkly AND squishy!

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