Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dandy Nails - Colorblind²

I've got my very first Dandy Nails polish to show you today, Colorblind². Dandy Nails is an indie polish maker who sells her polishes on Etsy. Her store is currently not stocked, so if you want some of her polishes, make sure to follow on Facebook for re-stocking updates.

Colorblind² is a sister to Colorblind, a polish made up of small black and white round glitter pieces in a clear base. Colorblind² (squared) is the same polish, but with square glitter pieces. For the record, I think the name is genius :-)

My bottle of Colorblind² came with a wonky brush, so application was tedious. Sandy at Dandy Nails is sending me a new one though, so all is well. By the way, Sandy responded to my email pretty much instantly and offered to send a replacement brush free of charge. She's amazing at customer service!

Colorblind² is a lot more dense than I thought - I only needed two coats to get the coverage in my pics. I really like that I don't have to apply four coats to get decent glitter coverage, like with some indie brands. No fishing for glitter here!

Here's two coats of Colorblind², layered over two coats of NYC Sidewalkers, topped with Seche:


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    1. It's such a great polish! I have to get the original version as well.