Saturday, July 7, 2012

Barry M - Magnetic Blue

Yay, another Barry M polish from Hannah! She's got me totally hooked on Barry M now. I love every single polish she's sent me so far.

Magnetic Blue is, well, a blue magnetic polish. Barry M is one of the brands that puts their magnet in the cap, which I think is really the best way since you don't have to worry about losing the magnet. 

The magnet for this polish is in a star shape - my first. I only had stripes and waves until then. 

Magnetic Blue is probably the easiest magnetic polish I've worked with so far. Application is a breeze - I used a thin coat, let it dry and followed with a thicker one for the magnet. I didn't really need two coats, though, Magnetic Blue is a total one-coater. Even by itself, without using the magnet, it's beautiful, just a great blue all around. 

Using the magnet was super easy, thanks to the built in "lip" on the cap you can use to rest the magnet near your cuticle. It doesn't take long for the design to appear once you move the magnet over the polish - 10 seconds tops. Works like a charm! Like I said, this is the easiest magnetic polish I've used so far. 

On to the pics - here's Barry M Magnetic Blue over a coat of Seche, no top coat:

Isn't it just gorgeous? Love it. How about you, lovely readers? Have you tried magnetic polishes yet?