Thursday, July 12, 2012

Barielle - Falling Star

I recently won a Barielle contest and got to pick three colors as part of my prize which was great, since these would be my first Barielle polishes. My first pick was a no-brainer for me: Falling Star. It's been on my lemming list for a long time, and I'm thrilled I finally got my hands on it. 

Falling Star is a gorgeous bright blue with copper shimmer. I've never seen another polish like it. It's so pretty in the bottle, I just want to keep near me so I can keep looking at it. Falling Star is seriously that pretty.

Application was good, if a bit runny. Nothing I couldn't handle though. 

While the copper glitter glows in the bottle, it doesn't translate to the nail that much. You can definitely see it, it's just not as pronounced as it is in the bottle. Oh well. It's definitely still pretty, though.

The glitter leaves the finish a bit gritty, so I suggest using a thick coat of top coat.

Here's Falling Star, sandwiched between Seche Vite:


  1. I love it-yes, I feel that the copper element could've been executed better, but it is a very nice colour overall.

    1. Yeah, I was a it disappointed about that. But hey, it was free :-)