Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bath and Body Works Paris Amour Fine Fragrance Mist

I received Paris Amour as part of my spring Influenster beauty VoxBox. It was a last minute addition to the box, and I'm glad it made it! I love Bath and Body Works products, but am too broke to treat myself with them, so this was a great to receive. 

Photo courtesy of Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works describes Paris Amour as 

"...a dreamy blend of French tulips, apple blossoms and sparkling pink champagne, inspired by a romantic stroll through the streets of Paris."

Well, I've walked the streets of Paris, but I honestly can't say I remember them smelling like this ;-)

I know nothing about notes in perfumes, all I know is that I love how Paris Amour smells. But here's what BBW says about it:

Top Notes: Sparkling Mandarin, Petite Strawberry, Cassis, Pink Champagne, Apple Blossom, Dewy Freesia
Mid Notes: Luscious Peach, Jasmine Petals, French Tulip, Water Lily, Frangipani
Dry Notes: French Vanilla, Coconut Milk, Amber Wood, Sandalwood, Creamy Musk
Aloe conditions and nourishes skin

All in all, I love this scent. It's perfect for summer - airy, light and summery. I love that with just a couple of spritzes I get the right amount of fragrance. I do wish it was a bit more portable, since I like to take body sprays along in my purse. This bottle is huge, and while it'll last me a while, I'd love to be able to refresh it during the day.

Have you tried any of the Paris Amour products yet? Are you an Influenster? I love the program, since we always get boxes full of goodies!


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