Wednesday, May 16, 2012

L'Oreal - Gorgeous Gold

L'Oreal Gorgeous Gold is the second polish from the "It's Gold or Nothing at All" collection I'm swatching. I reviewed Silver Sparkle last time.

Gorgeous Gold is a green tinted gold foil with glitter. It has larger gold hex glitter pieces, as well as tiny gold and holo ones. There's a lot going on for one bottle of polish, and that's the reason I bought it.

Application was so-so. Gorgeous Gold is almost opaque on the first coat, but I had problems with  brush strokes showing. On a couple of nails, I never was able to get rid of them, even after three coats and a top coat. The formula was so-so as well - it alternated between runny and goopy. It's manageable, though, and I've certainly seen worse.

I'm still not sure I like Gorgeous Gold. I love it in the bottle, I just don't think the color translates to the nail all that well. The green isn't as obvious and to me, a foil finish with sparse hex glitter on top isn't all that exciting. I'm going to have to play around with it a bit and experiment with layering, because as of now, it's in the "meh" stash.

Taking pics of this one was just about as hard as it was with Silver Sparkle - my camera freaked at all the shininess. This is three coats of L'Oreal Gorgeous Gold over one coat of Seche Vite and topped with ProFX High Gloss top coat.