Friday, April 27, 2012

Nina Ultra Pro - Glamrock

Nina Ultra Pro is a brand I've only ever seen at Sally Beauty and even there the selection isn't all that great. The store doesn't seem to get new colors in often, so I've only got four of their polishes so far. Glamrock is the newest one in my collection, and it's pretty much the best silver glitter I own. 

It's got tons of tiny square and large hexagonal glitter pieces suspended in a steely blue base. The glitter is so dense, it's almost a one coater, but you do need two coats for it to be opaque. 

The formula is thick, but nothing I couldn't work with. It dries a little gritty of course, but there's worse out there. When I wear Glamrock I only use one coat of Seche Vite with it, and it's fine. 

I didn't use a top coat for my pics, just SV as a base and two coats of Glamrock:

So awesome. Glamrock, indeed. It's like a disco ball on your nails. 

Taking off Glamrock is about what you'd expect from a dense glitter - it's a pain. But at least the tiny glitter pieces didn't stick to my skin too bad, like they do with some other polishes. 

I love this color so much! Here's a gratuitous close-up of Glamrock:

Pretty awesome, huh? There's another really great glitter by Nina Ultra Pro, Purple Xing, that I'll swatch soon. It's equally as awesome as Glamrock, and both those polishes would make great additions to any glitter lover stash. 

I wish Sally's would update their selection more often, though, cause these polishes are great and can be had for under five bucks.