Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Quickie: Confetti - To Teal To Handle

First things first - No, I didn't spell the title wrong. My label says "To Teal To Handle." Now, to me, there's an 'o' missing in that 'To.' It irks me, but I'm not going to change it in this post. 

On to the polish.

To Teal To Handle is, well, teal, with a subtle golden shimmer. I really wish I could show you the shimmer, but as soon as I was ready to take pics, the clouds came out. Even without the shimmer, To Teal To Handle is quite pretty. It's bright, a definite attention getter. The formula was a little runny, but nothing I couldn't deal with. I used two coats for these pictures, but I probably should have used another one, since I can see a faint nail line in some of the shots.

Here's To Teal To Handle over Seche Vite base coat:

All in all, a great addition to any stash. Except for the name. I think I'm going to Sharpie another 'o' onto that 'To,' or I'll keep feeling like this:


  1. Gorgeous colour! I love these darker teals.

    Shame about the typo. I hate them too!

    Clue Rocks!

    1. I love that type of color! And yeah, Clue is one of the best! I kept playing the clip and hubby was like "What's pissing you off?" LOL